Electronic Forms

Birth Report

Date : 12/08/2022

Director General of King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center at Dirab

We would like to inform you that the following foals have been born:

Arabic Name English Name SEX Brith Date Mother's Name Mare Reg.No Father's Name Horse Reg.No

This is for your kind attention and necessary action to register these newborns.


  1. If the Stallions from which the insemination was done not belong to the mare owner, a written approval from the owner of the stallions should be provided.
  2. If the inseminated mare was outside the Kingdom, it is obligatory to perform D.N.A analysis.

Best Regards،، ،، ،،

Important Note: Form should be filled clearly, with full data and write name of the newborn with clear handwriting in Arabic and English. (Birth notification should be within 90 days from the date of Birth ).
  • A copy of your national ID is required to process the form.
  • Please do not submit this form more than once, to not suspend the form.