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Export Application Form

Date : 12/08/2022

Director General of King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center at Dirab

We would like to kindly have your approval for the (temporary) export mare and

stallion to country by port for the purpose of

I hereby pledge to return the above mentioned Arabian Horses back to KSA as per the rules issued by King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center at Dirab according to the upon the Royal Decree No. 8230 dated 03/02/1434 AH.

Horse Details:

NAME D.O.B COLOR SEX Registration number

Owner Information Source:

I the exporter pledge that in case I have violated any of the exportation rules and regulations, then I don’t have the right to request Horses Export certificates and I will bear all the consequences of violating the above mentioned Royal Decree

Importer Data

Required Documents:-

  • A copy of your national ID is required to process the form.
  • Please do not submit this form more than once, to not suspend the form.