External Cooperation

As the center is the Official Party for the registration of the Arabian Horses in the kingdom, therefore it collaborates and coordinates with Arabian Horses Registration Authorities around the world such as:
* The center is a member in The World Arabian Horses Organization (WAHO) which is responsible of registering the Horses in world also the center holds National Shows sponsored by the Private Sector.
* The center is a member the European Conference of Arab Horses Organizations (ECAHO) (which is responsible of organizing Horses Shows and the rules and regulations of the Arabian Horses around the world. In addition to all the Arabian Horses Centers similar to the centers missions in all the World’s Countries related to the import / export documents and data exchange.
* The center is a member of the International Federation of Arabian Horses Races (IFAHR).
* The center also cooperates with Animal Health Trust Laboratory in England and WETHERBYS Lab in Ireland.