The Arabian horse a great history in the Arabian Peninsula from ancient ages and it has spread all around the world, it gained the admiration and appreciation of horses admirers. Horses have been used in the activity of the humanity services.  The Arabian Peninsula is considered the home land of Arabian horses as stated in all old and historical manuscripts which assures that the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant area are the home land of the Arabian Horses, from these regions, the Arabian Horses have moved to the all the world with the conquerors at the time of spreading the Islamic message in the seventh century AD and also by the orient lists who came to the Arabian Area and also by the ottomans and traders.
The admiration of Arabian horse by some kings and princes of Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth century AD has led  to sending missions to search for Arabian Horses and to select from the best tribes of Najd and Al Hijaz, the same was done by the kings of Poland in that era for the possession of the best Arabian Horses to be moved and raised in their private farms, in order to increase their numbers and to improve their breeds in addition of using them in the improvement of other breeds as the Arabian Horses has influenced most of the important Hybrid strains in the races held in England and some of them have been preserved as Original Arabian Breeds and has not been hybrid with other breeds where their qualities were focused on therefore has reached to what its nowadays from beauty and high rank and has gained the attention of many actors and Creators as in most of the world museums contain many rare and artistic pieces related to the Arabian Horses.
The desire and the interest to possess these horses in addition to the harden of acquiring these horses have many reasons, the most important one is the strength of these horses in wars and their enduring capability also their good qualities of their characteristics and their attractive beauty in addition to their usage in many activities.
The history records great attention to the Arabian horses and their importance for the Kingdom from many aspects as King Abdul Aziz, Kingdom Founder, was the last knight to unify the country on the horseback of the Arabian horses in the modern history.
Where King Abdul Aziz Arabian horses center exists and holds the name of the Kingdom Founder which is the homeland of the Original Arabian Horses, the center contains the rest of the original horses of the Kingdom Founder and groups of the Original Arabian Horses of other breeds in order to keep the production and to improve the qualities and also to maintain the old Saudi horses which go back to the well known breeds in the Arabian Peninsula, the center is interested in the horses at the kingdom level and also represents the Kingdom in the International Organizations, the center applies the International rules and regulations related to the welfare, registration and movement of the horses.
King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horses Center is located at Dirab, it is an agricultural area near Al Riyadh from the south- west area about 35 km and the area of the center is around one million square meters, and the number of the horses in the center is estimated to be 236 and the registered owners are 5424 owner, the number of the registered horses till 24-11-2014 was 16900 horses..