1- The center is considered the official party specialized in registering the Arabian horses in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it represents the Kingdom in the Specialized International Organizations according to the jurisdiction of the ministry in the Arabian Horses as mentioned in the Royal Decree no. 924 date 27/9/1417 AH.
2- The center follows up the newborns and the imported horses from all over the kingdom to apply the international rules and regulations of registration, also the center coordinates applying all methods to improve production and breeding.
3- The Welfare of the Arabian Horses in the country who are currently in the center and all the related services such as nutrition, Veterinary care, cultivation of food, training and holding Arabian Horses Shows.
4- Providing technical advice and views to all who are interested in the Original Arabian Horses.
5- Coordination with the International Organizations in developing plans and Information systems programs in addition to export and import software and official documentation.
6- Issuing registration certificates for the Arabian Horses in the Kingdom, Arabian Horses Stud Book and passports.
7- Setting Arabian Horses production plans in the center and preserving on the rare breeds in additions to the historical aspects.
8- The center hosts many visitors who are interested in the Arabian horses in addition to the country’s senior officials, ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps, shows are held to view the center’s production of the Arabian horses.
9- Participating in the national festivals such as the National Festival of Culture and Heritage in Al Janadria also the Equestrian Sport Activities.

1. Official Documentation in order to maintain the Arabian Horses pedigree.
2. Setting the means and methods of the proper welfare of the Original Arabian Horses.
3. Holding activities related to the Arabian Horses following the international rules and regulations.
4. Having a role in providing awareness and counseling to the owners